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Termite Control

termite control services
Should I purchase Termite Control if there’s no evidence of a current infestation?

In today’s real estate market, asset protection is a necessity. Preventive termite programs can resolve hidden infestations and prevent future problems including damage and repair costs, not covered by your homeowners insurance. The pre-treatment done on your home, when it was built, will only last for 3-5 years if done correctly.

How do I know if I have termites?

Termites live in underground colonies, tunneling undetected through the soil into the structure. Because of their subterranean nature, an infestation may go undetected for some time. There are warning signs of an active termite infestation, including:

  • Winged insects called “swarmers” in or around home or winged parts scattered around your doors or windows. This usually occurs in the spring, before temps get above 85°.
  • Mud tubes leading from the ground to a piece of infested wood, up foundation walls, or even breaking through your sheet rock, baseboards, or window trim.
  • Any previous damage to your home from moisture will increase the odds of getting some form of damage.

Our slab home or crawl space treatment is an effective barrier defense around your home, using a state of the art, non-repellent termiticide called Termidor® that actually kills the termites rather than just move them to another area. We also offer the best guarantees in the area and do our best to leave your home looking as good as it did before we began the treatment. On average TN has 1-3 termite colonies per acre.

  • We carefully select our termite control technology based on uncompromising standards of efficiency and safety.
  • We do our best to cultivate longstanding relationships with our customers based on quality and satisfaction. Much of our business comes from customer referrals.
  • We combine professional skill and customer care to deliver high-value, responsive service.
  • We provide a tightly-knit, highly trained termite team that is dependable and results oriented.

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